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Wide Spaces Cover

My Rating-Middle Shelf


“Emma knows better than most that life can change from one second to the next. Mason knows that guilt can make you change so much, that you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. When they found each other, they knew that life had given them a second chance.
But can one night, one second, one misunderstanding change everything?

A life together that saved them will become a life they think is lost forever. “

My Review:

This is the 2nd book in this series.  You know how you read the first book in the series, you really aren’t very impressed, but you just HAVE TO read the next book to see what happens?  Yeah, that’s why I read this one.

So I’ll begin with SPOILER ALERTS-Emma and Mason are trying to start their lives together.  Emma’s parents are finally realizing the old Emma, pre-comma is never coming back.  Mason is the gallant boyfriend who wants to do things right, so what does he do, he asks Emma’s dad for her hand in marriage.  Awwwww…. But, the happily ever after doesn’t start there.  (if it did, the book would be over pretty fast).  Another part of the past creeps up, this time it’s Mason’s.  It puts an extreme strain on the relationship, but not in the usual way.  A girl Mason had dated a long time ago, has a serious stalker crush on Mason that leads to….duh, duh, duh….Emma getting in a car accident.

I could go on, but all that will do is tell you the entire story.  So if you are interested, then check out the rest of the story.

Pros-I enjoyed the casual way Mason and Emma interact with each other.  As if they had been married for years, but with the spark of a new love.

Cons-I really can’t put my finger on it.  I just felt this book could have been more but it was just lacking something.  All through out it, I was waiting for it to get better.  The writing is ok, but the story seemed too strained.


Wide Awake by Shelly Crane cover

My Rating-Middle Shelf

The Main reason I chose this book was, again, it was by Shelly Crane.  However, it wasn’t her typical genre.  I still liked it but if it would have been an author I didn’t know, I probably wouldn’t have tried it.


A YA LOVE story about a girl who has her life turned upside down.

A girl.
A coma.
A life she can’t remember.
When Emma Walker wakes up in the hospital with no knowledge of how she got there, she learns that she’s been in a coma for six months. Strangers show up and claim to be her parents, but she can’t remember them. She can’t remember anyone. Not her friends, not even her boyfriend. Even though she can’t remember, everyone wants her to just pick up where she left off, but what she learns about the ‘old her’ makes her start to wish she’d never woken up. Her boyfriend breaks up with the new girl he’s dating to be with her, her parents want her to start planning for college, her friends want their leader back, and her physical therapist with the hazel eyes keeps his distance to save his position at the hospital.
Will she ever feel like she recognizes the girl in the mirror?

My Review:

When I first started this book, I thought it was going to be more like Shelly Crane’s other books-fantasy. But it wasn’t. Not that it was a bad thing, just not my usual style. This one was real life drama instead.

Emma, the main character was well written. I loved her ability to move on after losing her entire life’s memories. At first, the way the summary (see above) and the first few chapters are written, I thought it would have some kind of fantasy twist. But alas, it did not ~sigh~

Mason, her physical therapist, was the perfect bad boy/good guy combination. He cared for Emma for just being her. Even when her parents wanted her to be her old self, he kept encouraging and helping her to strive to be herself (whoever that was).

Her “boyfriend” Andy, who wasn’t actually her boyfriend anymore, didn’t visit while she was in her coma. But now, he wants her back like nothing ever happened? Guys!

But with everyone wanting her to be able to remember who she was, Mason is the only one who wants her to just be who she is now. That, plus the fact that he is good-looking AND gives her goose bumps when he touches her, makes her fall for him.


The end is pretty surprising. Andy confesses that he was the one who ran Emma over, causing her to lose her memory. With the weight of the guilt, Andy couldn’t take it anymore and jumps off the same bridge Emma was run over on, committing suicide. Very sad and extremely surprising.

One con I can say about this book, it just doesn’t seem to be as put together as some of Shelly Crane’s other books, especially the Significance Series and Collide Series. Probably wouldn’t read this book again. It was just…OK!

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