For awhile now, I have been writing books.  None has been published yet, but I am very close to self-publishing my first book.  With that being said, I have set up an official website just for me as an author.  No reviews, just me writing about me and my experiences writing books.  Eventually, the website will have my books that have been published as well.

But for right now, it is my experiences of self publishing and just my life in general.  So, I might not be posting very much on this page.  So I am inviting you as my subscribers to follow me on my Official Author website.

I am hoping to have my first book self published on e-books (Amazon more than likely) by the end of 2014 or first part of 2015.

If you enjoy my writing, check out the above website and subscribe.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, you will see a post on that website stating my first book is PUBLISHED!  Soon…..  I hope.

Thank you for being a subscriber to this page and I hope to see you on my official page.  There might be times I do post to this page on books I have read or places I travel, so be looking for those updates as well.

Thank You Again!!!