Well it’s official, I’ve started my 2nd book in the series of HIS, this one is called HIS Forgiveness.  I’ve gotten 1 chapter finished and have started the 2nd chapter.  It took me forever to figure out where I wanted to begin.  There were so many possibilities.  I know where I want to be, but getting there was still a mystery. 

It is weird though, the plot has already twisted from my grasp and turned down a road I never expected.  I didn’t know it was going to lead me down this path.  It’s exhilarating and suspenseful all rolled up into one.  How a story is yours but it takes a life all its’ own.  It is a breathing, living thing.  I guess it is like having a child.  You give birth to the child, but as the child grows, they turn into their own person.  So that is what this story has become, a growing child.  Possibly still a teenager or even a tween.  And once it has become a full-grown adult, it will be sad to see it leave.  But I will know I did my best and whatever happens, will happen.  And with this growing child, just like my actual child, I hope it spreads its’ wings and flies out into the world.  Taking with it my hopes and dreams.