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When Life gets in the Way…


So I started this blog to jumpstart my writing.  I love to write, it helps me deal with just everyday stress and problems.  It takes me out of reality to a different place, a place of my own choosing.  I get to forget about the things of this world and live in a world where I make the decisions about everything in it.  Sounds good, huh?  Well then…Life gets in the Way.

My last post was in June of 2012 so life has really gotten in the way.  A lot of life!  In September of 2013, I decided to focus more of my time and attention on my writing.  I quit my day job to pursue my passion.  But guess what happened……?  Life got in the way.  I became busier than I ever was when I was working.  Busy with my family.  Busy with church.  Busy with friends.  Just busy in general.  I felt obligated to always say YES to everyone.  I wanted to be there for every person that was in my life.  So…my writing got put on the backburner, AGAIN!

But now, now it is time to get serious about it.  I never want my writing to become a job or a chore.  Then all the fun of it will be completely drained.  My OCD with scheduling and planning comes in fairly well with adjusting my days to include writing time.  This blog helps with that as well.  It gives me a random outlet for writing.

My novels are my babies, so what do you have to do with babies?  Nurture, care for them and especially take time for them.  So, I’m hoping to update this blog at least every other week.  That way, I make myself write.  I carve out time to do what I absolutely love!

So when life gets in the way….I will make a path and bring my writing journal with me!

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