My name is Erin (Simpson) Moore.  I’m an aspiring author.  That’s just another way to say I write but haven’t been published (yet).

And yes, I love to write.  So much, that I do it in my sleep.  I wake up from a very vivid dream and go on to create more details while I’m just laying there.  I mostly love to write love stories with a punch.  Something that is always grabbing you and hanging on until you finish.  I also love to write fantasy with of course, romance mixed in.

Another passion of mine is traveling.  If I could live on the road, I probably would.  Of course that is hard to do with a little one, but I try.

So this blog is my outlet on writing.  But instead of writing my dreams, I’m going to write about things I read or see.  In other words, reviews.  Reviews on books, places I visit or just life in general.  The majority of the books I read are fantasy romance, so if you love to read-then read my reviews.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.