Last stop on out West trip-March 2012.

Let me start by saying, I had expectations of Vegas as being a party town before I even made arrangements.

We arrived on a Saturday around the beginning of Spring Break. First mistake!  Spring Breakers everywhere!!!  I felt so out-of-place. This is definitely not a place for people who do not drink or gamble. As far as the eye could see we’re skimpy outfits, drunks, and outrageous behavior.  I kept trying to push that out of my mind and just enjoy the things I could.

So here’s the positives–We stayed at the Bellagio.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  This is the hotel with the huge fountains in front that dance to music nightly.  The rooms are beautiful and spacious.  The lobby very classy and a plus was that I didn’t have to walk through the casino to ge to the front desk.  Of course we had to walk through it to get to the elevators to our room.  One thing I was ready for that didn’t happen was the sound of the slot machines.  Everyone said that is all you hear when you are in Vegas.  Surprisingly, it was a lot quieter than I expected.  The other casinos ranged from dowdy to beautiful.  We explored the majority of them and enjoyed this just as much as the other things we did.  The Luxor was gorgeous-Egyptian style.  We went to 2 exhibits at this casino-Titanic and Body (an exhibit of the inner workings of the body).  We saw The Phantom which I thoroughly enjoyed although my husband didn’t.  I kind of expected that too.  He is not much on plays/operas.  Hoover Dam was fascinating.  We took the tour there with All Las Vegas tours, Hummer 2 style with Scott.  He was an awesome tour guide.  As if we were out-of-town friends he was showing around.  I would highly recommend this company and Scott in particular.

Cons–As I said before I felt so out-of-place that I was ready to leave the day I got there, even though I expressed the positives above.  The positives did not out weigh everything else.  Too much craziness for this girl.  I love traveling and experiencing new things but I could have done without experiencing Vegas.  The food at almost every place we went was bad.  Not gross per se, but I definitely did not get full.

There was only one place that I ate almost every bite.  The Cheesecake Factory.  I ate the Asian lettuce tacos and topped it off with a Snickers cheesecake.  Delicious is not the word, much more than that.

So my suggestion-skip Vegas if you do not gamble, drink, party, enjoy seeing half-dressed people, etc…  I will not be back, that is for sure.