On the 2nd leg of our Western couples trip, we visited the Grand Canyon for 2 nights.  As we drove in from the eastern side of the canyon, we stopped at a little must see near Tuba, Arizona.  The Dinosaur Tracks, the Navajo Indians give you a short tour along the dried up river bed of all the dinosaur tracks found.  It was extremely interesting to see. The guide was very informative of the area, pointing out the mountain peaks and explaining the legends of the tracks, how they might have come to be.  If in the area, this is a must do for sure.
Once we arrived at the Desert View side of the Canyon, we stopped at the watchtower.  Breath taking views is an under statement.  The canyon spreads out for miles and miles, dipping and curving in places, with sheer drops in others. We continued driving, stopping at the visitor center, which is not a whole lot.  The main place to go is the Grand Canyon Village. Here you can find information, museums, restaurants and hiking trails. The rim trail takes you on paved walkways and rough & rocky trails.  They have many Park Ranger tours for free. Make sure to pick a few throughout the day. They are interesting and very informative. The Hermits Rest trail can be traveled by bus, which I definitely recommend since it is a long trail and this is where many of the rough trails are located. The rim trails follow the cliffs tightly in some areas.  When we were there, there was still some ice and snow on the ground which made hiking near the cliffs extremely scary for me.  I didn’t realize I was scared of heights until this trip.
We ate at the Bright Angel restaurant one night.  I did not like the food.  I maybe took 2 bites of my meal- quesadillas. My husbands wasn’t much better- prime rib. One night we ate at the Condor Room- a nice restaurant at our hotel in Tusayan, AZ- a few miles south of the Grand Canyon.  The food here was decent. Better than the majority of the meals on this trip. Our waiter was what made the meal enjoyable.  Joe was very nice and suggested items to try on the menu. I was celebrating my birthday on that day so we wanted a dessert. I asked him to recommend something and he asked if I had any allergies or aversions to any food. My only aversion- coconut. He said he would surprise me, which he did. The cake was delicious. And without coconut! Lol.
Now the bad– we stayed at the Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn. One of the worst hotels I’ve ever been. The service was absolutely horrible. The room was pretty bad. The shower curtain had some junk on it that I really don’t want to mention. Uckkk!!!!
All in all- visiting the Grand Canyon is a must see.  One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, it really goes without saying. Just be prepared to not eat a whole lot. And stay in the Grand Canyon Village if possible.