Our annual couples trip took me to the West this time. The first leg of the trip, we flew into Vegas and rented a car to drive to some of the West’s beautiful country.

Zion National Park in Utah looks like an untouched alien land.  The cliffs and peaks show beautiful colors in their most natural forms. I never realized that rock formations could actually be a rainbow.  I was pleasantly surprised. The natural reds gave way to royal purples, brilliant oranges and vibrant yellows.  The formations themselves rolled as if they were waves instead of hard rock.  The peaks topping beautifully among the clouds. The cliffs spread out beneath like sand on the sea-shore.
We took an off-paved-road tour with Zion Jeep tours to explore the land where it is a little harder to get to with our Traverse SUV. Our guide-Bruce- was amazing. We were the only two on this trip since it was still early in the season. He answered all of our questions with enthusiasm which, in turn, made me more enthusiastic. He pointed out certain plants, wildlife & rock formations.  He took us to a peak where we saw a formation that looked like an Indian face silhouette.  My husband took an amazing picture of this one, with the sun setting behind it.
We ate at a little cafe called the Bit & Spur, southwestern cuisine. The food was ok, not as spicy as I would have liked & lacked a little flavor.  But all in all, it was a decent meal. The little shops were quaint and fit into the landscape of the area.
We stayed at the Best Western Zion Park Inn which was a cute little place. Modestly priced & comfortable.  Nothing too fancy but it stayed with the theme of the park.
The next day, we drove through the other part of Zion National Park, on our way to the Grand Canyon (see my review of the Grand Canyon).  Driving through the cracks & seams made by God & man was breath-taking. The colors swirled even more with the sun hitting the rocks at the right angles.  There are 2 tunnels to drive through on this leg of the journey. The first is actually pretty long, with the only lights being headlights and a few holes to the outside world placed along the way. This was actually a little claustrophobic for me. The 2nd, was a lot shorter.
To sum up this place- a definite must see. In my opinion, about as beautiful as the Grand Canyon with less traffic & tourist.