Boston, MA-3 Postcards out of 5

My husband and I took an East Coast road trip in the Spring of 2011.  The end point was Boston.  We stayed here for 2 nights.  Ok enough of the formalities.  Now for the fun stuff.  I loved Boston!!!  It mixed the new and the old in a brilliant and interesting way.

The hotel was gorgeous; it was very classy and grand.  The Lenox staff was very pleasant.  Now for the cons-the rooms are on the small side.  Not really a con but if you are not into the sophisticated or upscale hotels, this one is not for you.  I’m more of a down-to-earth kind of girl so I like the luxury but not in this type of atmosphere.  So it might just be my taste rather than a con.  All in all, this hotel was nice but I don’t believe I would stay here again simply because it was a little too much.

We took the Trolley around to see the sights.  It was inexpensive and we could stay at each location as long as we wanted.  The Trolley drivers tell about the sights while you are riding.  It was a great way to get information.  All you have to do is ask questions if there is something they don’t go over.

Some of the sights we seen-Paul Revere’s house.  For the time period, his house was pretty large.  I like history, but love it even more when you compare it to the time we live in now.  Revere’s house was stuck in the middle of the new, but preserved impressively.  USS Constitution-Nicknamed “Old Iron Side”, it’s a warship that was built out of wood but during battle the cannon balls practically bounced off the sides hence its nickname “Old Iron Side”.  It was fascinating to see how the sailors lived and how they defended the country back in that time.  Old State House-the sight of the Boston Massacre.  When we heard a lecture about the actual incident, it made me stop and visualize how it really was.  It actually made me sad to even think about it.

The Aquarium at the Long Wharf Seaport was nice but more of a kids trip.  We decided to go on the Harbor Cruise.  It was a great way to see the city from the water and very inexpensive.

Restaurants:  Cheers-the place where the show was based off of.  It is actually more of a café than anything else.  The food was good and it was surreal to see the inspiration of the show I watched when I was little.  When we went to Little Italy, we enjoyed a Cannoli at Mike’s Pastry.  It was so worth the calories.  If pastry could be a piece of heaven, this would definitely be it.  If I could go right now and get one, I would.  Can we say yummy…!!!  Joe’s American Grill-great atmosphere and wonderful food.  The cheesecake was amazing.  Atlantic Fish Company-this was an upscale restaurant with great food.  The Crab Crusted Haddock was mouthwatering.  Of course the cheesecake with bananas foster was heavenly.

So as I write, I am realizing that what I remember the most is…the food.  Particularly the desserts.  The whole Boston trip was wonderful.  I would definitely recommend this city, especially for those who like their history mixed in with the modern.