NYC-5 postcards out of 5

Ok now people-Who loves NYC???  Me, Me, ME!!  This is truly the city that never sleeps (even though I had to).

I have visited this awesome city twice.  The first was a day trip when I vacationed in the Poconos.  No where near enough time to see the city.  The second was 3 days & 2 nights.  Still not a lot of time, but enough to get a taste that makes me want more.  The sights and sounds are so different from the small town I live in.  It seemed as if every building had a story about it, a history that inspired me.  Of course, we stuck to the Times Square area, venturing out only a tour but I loved every bit of it.

And for those people who say New Yorker’s are rude, I say-Not all of them are!  That is definitely a stereotype.  Sure, there were some people who were rude but hey, they are everywhere.  Actually, the majority of the people I met were very nice.  I can say this, they say what is on their minds.  And if that is something rude, then so be it.  But as I said, the majority were nice.  There were some people in particular that just LOVED my southern accent.  They wanted to hear me to talk and I am good at that–wink–.

A few places I do want to mention that we visited:

-The Statue of Liberty:  We took the free water taxi out to see her.  She was magnificent, brought a tear to my eye looking at her and thinking about what she stood for-literally.

-9/11 Memorial:  Now this place exuded emotions.  I can’t believe I held back the tears that stung my eyes.  We had a moment of silence within our tour group and everyone heard my sniffling.  The lives lost and futures stolen were too much for me to handle.  Yes, I’m a softy but who wouldn’t get emotional about the significance of the memorial?

-Central Park:  We took a carriage ride through the park.  It was a chilly day, with overcast but it was romantic cuddled up in the blanket.  I was a little nervous when we got out to take a picture with the horse.  He eyeballed me like I was a giant apple to eat.  I even have a picture of my fear.

-Ellen’s Stardust Diner:  I really enjoyed this out-of-the-way place to eat.  The wait staff are aspiring actors/singers and sing to the customers throughout the whole meal.  The food was usual cafe food but ENORMOUS portions.  Enough to feed 2 people.  I would definitely go back.

-Wicked on Broadway:  This is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from the story Wizard of Oz.  It tells what really happened with her.  I can say, I felt sorry for her after seeing this show.  I loved it!!!!  If I’m able to, I will see it again.  I recommend this show to everyone!

-OnBoard New York Tours:  This is a fantastic tour company.  The buses are small enough that it can maneuver the busy traffic of NYC.  the guide was amazing and knowledgeable.  We stopped at a lot of the famous sights and he told us things that I never heard before about each place.  The price was reasonable especially for all you get.

-The Rockefeller Center:  I was a little apprehensive about going all the way to the top.  I’m not afraid of heights so to speak.  I’m more afraid of the many floors we would have to go down if there were a fire.  But it was spectacular, especially the view of the city.  I took a picture on top of “The Rock”.  I love Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson so this was kind of special for me–giggle–.

All in all-NYC is a fantastic place to visit.  Even if you are like me, a small town girl, you would enjoy the many things to do and see.  It is like Disney World for adults.  If I get the chance (and I’m betting I do) I will be back to explore more of the city.  Because I know there is much more to explore.