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Out of three ratings (top shelf, middle shelf & bottom shelf). The Evernight Series (Evernight, Stargazer, Hourglass, & Afterlife)gets a Middle Shelf rating.

This series is about Bianca, a pre-transformed vampire that was born to 2 full vampires. Meaning, once Bianca makes her first human kill, she will become a full vampire. Bianca appears to be a very self involved person, her parents have spoiled and sheltered her from birth. Being one of the only baby vampires ever born, she is considered extremely special. Her parents start teaching at a private boarding school where Bianca starts going. She meets and falls in love with Lucas, a guy who is set on NOT fitting in. Come to find out, he is a vampire hunter who is undercover to find out why Evernight (the boarding school) is now admitting human students. The school was a vampire only school up until the year Bianca started.

This series goes from Bianca being sheltered, to her running away with Lucas and hiding with the vampire hunters (no one knows she is a pre-transformed vampire, except for Lucas), to both of them running away from the vampire hunters, to dying and becoming powerful ghost who can solidify into a human body. Right after Bianca dies, Lucas is bitten and transformed into a vampire (the one thing he NEVER wanted to be).

This series reminds me of chasing the rabbit in the rabbit hole. So many things come into play, so many things in the plot. So much so, that it starts to sound a little like grasping at straws. I read the first and was skeptical. I read the 2nd, hoping it will get better, somewhat. The 3rd & 4th were more of the same, grasping straws. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great.