Today, we remember the tragedy that happened on 9/11.  Some grieve more than others.  Those families that lost a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a wife, a husband, a son, a daughter, etc…  Those families will always remember this day as a day that changed their lives forever.  That brought down the lives that were moving on a typical day in the direction as any other day. 

Nonetheless; any person with a heart mourns the victims of that day.  The happenings of that day.  I can only imagine how it looked up close and personal.  What I would feel as the planes hit those towers, the Pentagon.  How the earth trembled when the towers collapsed.  How each face surrounding me would hold a look of shock and horror. 

I watched a documentary last night of 9/11, it was a memory that everyone would love to put past them.  And a memory that we would never forget.  I remember exactly what I was doing that day.  The words I said when I saw it on the TV.  Not many days are etched into my mind like that one was.  That day is a day I will never forget! 

That day is the day America will never forget!