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This book is my 2nd favorite of the saga.  Fighting, romance, need I say more?   Bella’s feelings for Jacob starts to grow more in this story.  I understand her emotions in the book better than I do in the movie.  I can truly understand why her feelings are growing in the book due to how sweet and protective Jacob is.  But it is not portrayed in the movie well at all.  One of the things that is different in the movie than in the book is how Bella got mad at Edward when he knew Jacob is listening to their conversation about getting married.  In the book, she never got mad at Edward, EVER!  I hate that they made her do it in the movie.  It made Edward look mean and I do not believe that is the intention.  Bella is never going to tell Jacob, so Edward don’t want him thinking he has any shot at all.  That’s why he says it (at least, that’s how I look at it).

As for the fighting in this one, I love how Jasper tries to keep Alice out of the fight by being there each time someone attacked her.  It’s so sweet.  Another thing they portrayed in the movie that is done differently in the book.  Edward is never in any serious danger when he is fighting Victoria and Riley.  And Bella cutting herself!!!  Not in the book.  I liked the suspense that she is about to do it, but never does.  She wants to be the heroine in Eclipse, she wants to prove herself, but she stays the victim (in the book).  it is meant for her to emerge the heroine in the last book, not Eclipse.  they should have kept it that way.

So this is my take, when a series or saga has so many followers like the Twilight saga does, you shouldn’t mess that much with the story line.  There will ALWAYS be criticism for it.  The story is why the fans fell in love with it in the first place.