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Well, here is the next book in the Twilight Saga.  I probably won’t have a whole lot to say about this one.  It was definitely my least favorite of the four.  First of all, Edward leaves!!!!  Need I really say more.  Bella’s reaction to him leaving was so heart wrenching, I felt the torment she was going through.  Even in the movie.  Kristen knows how to play an anguished soul to the T!  I cried like a baby when I was reading, I could barely see the words through my tears.  The movie made me cry, but I saved it for when I was home then when I was in a theater full of people.

New Moon portrayed the beginnings of a friendship between Bella and Jacob that held a bond beyond words.  As Bella tried to move on with her life, she desperately needed Jacob to keep the hole where her heart once was, intact.  Even if it was loose.  The werewolf part of story was dark and suspenseful.  It made you resent them, then made you like them.  Strange combination, but it worked, mostly.

Ok, so let’s talk Jacob.  I liked his character a lot better in the book vs the movie.  He was a sweet distraction to help Bella get through the hurt.  The movie didn’t show how sweet he was, it jumped to the werewolf parts too soon.  Yes, I know there was a lot to put in.  And yes, I know that you can’t have every little detail in the movie.  But come on, that was his main attractive feature, his sweetness.  The movie jumped all over the place.  It didn’t flow into the next scene well at all.  It had gaps that wasn’t well thought through.  A lot of people talked about Catherine Hardwicke (Twilights director) like she messed up the whole movie.  Of course, this is coming from a girl who saw the first one before she even knew they were books.  I think Catherine did a fantastic job.  She hooked me with the ambience of the movie in every aspect.  New Moon is a different subject.  If I would have seen New Moon before reading the book, I would never have read it or the other two.

So, to sum it up.  The book was okay, the movie lacked a whole lot.  Bottom line, not my favorite.