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I am going to start with an easy one.  I know this has been done many, MANY times.  But let’s see how this one goes.  Instead of writing the usual review, I’m going to write on how the story and characters appealed to me.  I’ll start with Twilight.  Bella Swan seems to be a magnet for every guy in this story, every guy that sees her except for Emmett & Jackson.  Well, actually Jackson is attracted to her blood, every human’s blood for that matter.  But Bella is very different in the book compared to the movie.  In the book, she shows more depth.  She shows her frustration with Edward, her clumsiness, and her love fully.  In the movie, I don’t know, I think she is more dull than she is in the book.  I see Bella as a strong female in the book, in the movie she is basically a victim.

Who else fell in love with Edward at first glance (read)?  Stephanie Meyers wrote him perfectly.  I felt sorry for him and irritated sometimes as well.  The book showed his teasing and playfulness.  The movie didn’t show that side of him but I fell in love with him anyway.  The first time I saw Edward in the movie, I thought to myself “Well, he’s not that cute.”  But as the movie played on, his looks grew on me.  Now he is excellent eye candy.

Last character to write about-Charlie.  Love, Love, LOVE him.  He makes me want to hug him.  Both the book and the movie portrayed him so well.  Billy Burke was the perfect actor to play him.  You can tell that he loves Bella but doesn’t exactly know how to show it.  I’m guessing that’s how he was with her mother.  The scene in the movie where Bella is leaving, telling Charlie she is driving to Phoenix, about breaks my heart.  Billy Burke’s mournful face said it all.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was not in the movie.  They tried to put some of the aspects into the movie, but I do not think they pulled it off.  It was the scene where Edward holds up traffic in the school parking lot so the guy could ask Bella to prom.  This showed off his teasing side, which I loved and missed in the movie.

So here is a question for you, do you think they got the right actors/actresses for the movie?  Here is my break down:

Bella-No, can’t think of an actress that would have been better.  Kristen was too boring for me.  She didn’t show Bella’s true personality.

Edward-Yes, YES!  Robert Pattinson was perfect.  He is Edward!

Charlie-Definitely, Billy Burke played the loner father very well.

Alice-Ashley Green is so gorgeous.  I think she could play any part.

Rosalie-NO, I do not see Nikki Reed as Rosalie.  When I read the books, I actually saw another actress in my head-Tiffany Thornton.  She plays Tawni Hart on the Disney channel show, So Random.  I think she would be the perfect Rosalie.

Jacob-This is a toss-up.  Taylor Lautner did a fantastic job but when I read the books, it is not his face I see.

The rest of the cast was pretty much right on the money.

So, that’s my first book review.  I hope you like it.  I’d love to hear your comments, your reviews and of course, the answer to the above question.  Watch for the review for New Moon.