Ok, so this is my first post.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  I write stories for myself 1st and hope others enjoy it as much as I do.  So if I don’t like my own stories, how can I expect anyone else to like them, right?  Given that the world is full of websites, literally (World Wide Web-giggle-)  I have to make sure this blog is interesting and exciting.  So I might not have as many blogs at first, but be patient.  They will come.  If you are reading this blog and wonder why exactly I started it, well the fact is.  I’m wanting my views or reviews, whichever, to be read by others hoping to get some feedback on their views as well.  As I say in my About page, I will be reviewing the books I read and the places I see.  And hopefully (fingers crossed), I will eventually have my stories out there in the published world.  Oh yeah, and any encouragement you have, bring the comments on.